While a swimming pool can be lots of fun & a great way to keep the family together & to exercise in, a pool never is able to produce the relaxing luxury of a heated spa.

The temperature set just above body temperature so that you have a warm feeling & the moving water massaging as it passes you in a way that only water can. The water giving you buoyancy which takes the tension off most parts of the body.

That’s what a spa is all about.
Even in hot tropical areas, people enjoy the use of a hot spa as it is normally slightly hotter than the outside temperature so you feel cool when you get out. Recessed into the ground or set flush with the top of a deck, an in-ground spa has the look of a permanent installation.

The support equipment necessary for an in-ground spa always stands a short distance away, in its own housing. Although this requires more planning and construction, it allows you more choice in types and sizes of equipment.

If you’re having a concrete swimming pool constructed at the same time, the easiest and often least expensive choice for the spa is to have it built from the same materials as the pool. It can run on the same circulation system as the pool.