Basically, the concept of a sauna is to combine high heat and low humidity. This helps flush away impurities, improves circulation, soothes and relaxes tired muscles, relieves tension and stress, helps maintain clear and healthy skin. Sitting in a sauna is a mild exercise for your heart, and calories are burned during a session. No other bath can even come close to the wonderful feeling of well being and satisfaction that it provides, and as a plus – it adds luxury and value to your home, club, hotel & resorts.

A modern sauna comes with advanced features like digital controls and sequential heating. Our sauna heater suppliers have been designed to provide greater control over the sauna cabin environment, they are suitable for both domestic or commercial duty and are supplied complete with digital remote controls for time, temperature and overheat protection. In selected models, there is also a switch for the cabin light and the starting time can be pre setup to 12 hours in advance.

All our saunas are installed with a 615mm X 1875mm sauna glass door and a deluxe accessory pack is also available that includes Bucket and Ladle, Hour Glass Sand Timer, Deluxe Thermometer Hygrometer, Sauna Clock and Low Voltage Lighting System. The head rests and floor mats are constructed from Knot free obeche timber that remains cooler to the touch and the heater itself is protected by a 3-sided sauna guard.