We at Sahil Pool System is swimming pool design & installation professionals before anything else. We design, construct and commission swimming pools, spas, steam rooms, saunas, in wet leisure facilities. We will always give you an unbiased advice and will find out the most suitable solution to your needs.
We also provide swimming pool design consultancy and project management services to architects, builders and property developers for the various processes involved in construction of a new pool or spa.

Sahil Pool System have the attitude, experience and vision to help you make your aspiration come true by developing a swimming pool design that maximizes your returns on the money spent and simplifies the entire swimming pool construction process.
Our range of services includes, but is not limited to:

  • Swimming pool design services
  • Luxury outdoor swimming pools
  • Indoor swimming pool dehumidification
  • Heat recovery systems
  • Automatic pool cleaning systems
  • Modern pool filtration systems
  • Old swimming pool refurbishment
  • Mosaic tile design and installation
  • Chemical dosing control systems
  • Swimming pool control panels


Basically, the concept of a sauna is to combine high heat and low humidity. This helps flush away impurities, improves circulation, soothes and relaxes tired muscles, relieves tension and stress, helps maintain clear and healthy skin. Sitting in a sauna is a mild exercise for your heart, and calories are burned during a session. No other bath can even come close to the wonderful feeling of well being and satisfaction that it provides, and as a plus – it adds luxury and value to your home, club, hotel & resorts.

A modern sauna comes with advanced features like digital controls and sequential heating. Our sauna heater suppliers have been designed to provide greater control over the sauna cabin environment, they are suitable for both domestic or commercial duty and are supplied complete with digital remote controls for time, temperature and overheat protection. In selected models, there is also a switch for the cabin light and the starting time can be pre setup to 12 hours in advance.

All our saunas are installed with a 615mm X 1875mm sauna glass door and a deluxe accessory pack is also available that includes Bucket and Ladle, Hour Glass Sand Timer, Deluxe Thermometer Hygrometer, Sauna Clock and Low Voltage Lighting System. The head rests and floor mats are constructed from Knot free obeche timber that remains cooler to the touch and the heater itself is protected by a 3-sided sauna guard.


A steam room is, obviously, a room full of steam. How is this different to a sauna? In a steam room the temperature is not as high as in a sauna but the humidity often reaches 100 per cent whilst in a sauna is kept very low.

Steam rooms come in various types, each one with it’s own features. There are smaller steam rooms where you can relax in a tiled chamber/room and enjoy the hot wet steam that oozes over you. In others, such as suites of steam rooms and hydrotherapy pools you can stay all day in warehouse-sized baths with lots of rooms and pools. You might have a massage whilst you are there, and why not try a bit of aromatherapy?

A steam room session should leave you feeling really relaxed, and your muscles and joints very soothed. Your skin is likely to feel and look really good. Completed with a swim, this experience will definitely make your day and it will probably help you to sleep better that night. Wouldn’t that be a great thing to have around your house, club, hotel & resort?


While a swimming pool can be lots of fun & a great way to keep the family together & to exercise in, a pool never is able to produce the relaxing luxury of a heated spa.

The temperature set just above body temperature so that you have a warm feeling & the moving water massaging as it passes you in a way that only water can. The water giving you buoyancy which takes the tension off most parts of the body.

That’s what a spa is all about.
Even in hot tropical areas, people enjoy the use of a hot spa as it is normally slightly hotter than the outside temperature so you feel cool when you get out. Recessed into the ground or set flush with the top of a deck, an in-ground spa has the look of a permanent installation.

The support equipment necessary for an in-ground spa always stands a short distance away, in its own housing. Although this requires more planning and construction, it allows you more choice in types and sizes of equipment.

If you’re having a concrete swimming pool constructed at the same time, the easiest and often least expensive choice for the spa is to have it built from the same materials as the pool. It can run on the same circulation system as the pool.